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That Guy

The ladies in relationships…
Y’all would know best who ‘that guy’ is..
For those in loveless relationships,
he’s the one who shows you so much love, love so true and pure that makes you wonder if such love exists,if its even for real..♡ ♡
For those in abusive relationships,
he’s the one who holds you close, caresses you and whispers sweet nothings in your ears when your man hits you.
Those of you whose men can’t do it right, he’s the one who makes you feel like a real woman..
And for those who hardly have any problems, just an occasional hitch here and there,
a few misunderstandings and petty squabbles,
He’s that really sweet guy who’s always got you,
always at your beck and call,ready to help with anything at all,
bringing you movies and the new episodes of your favourite series,
helping with your math homework,doing that assignment for you while you hang with the girls,
saving a seat for you in class even when you don’t show up,cos you overslept after having that wonderful night out with your man 😉
‘That guy’ for some,is the one you can never have,
For others, he’s the one who can never have you.
Sometimes,you know ‘that guy’ can’t have you but you lead him on cos he gives you all the attention your man never gives you..
You keep him hanging around you cos you enjoy his company and the quality time he spends with you,
unlike your man who is always on the phone to his business partners, or in some meeting.
You forget ‘that guy’ has feelings too..
He has emotions,needs and a heart.
A heart that yearns for you,
that hurts each time you run back into your man’s arms
or come to him crying,badly bruised..
Each time you give him that brief hug,when he wants to hold you tight,
Each time you give him a peck on the cheek,or a kiss on the forehead when he actually wants to french you..
Life at this point is so unfair to ‘that guy’
he has already promised that he’s gon be there for you no matter what,
he has already told his boys that he’s gon win you over eventually
he already told his mum all about you and how much he loves you,so he can’t let go..
Hard as it may be,you need to set ‘that guy’ free,
Even if he’s holding on tight and doesn’t want to be set free,
let him go..cos you know you can’t return his love,
And somewhere out there, ‘that girl’ is waiting to love him even more than he loves you!



I'm a young wife, an encourager and a writer at heart, walking in my purpose and following God's lead. I’ve got a heart as big as my hips and I love reaching out to people who are hurting or suffering in silence. I know everyone goes through something at some point in life and through my writing, I want to make such people know that no matter who they are or what they go through, they can count on me to be there for them. Follow my journey as I share my life experiences in the hope of making you go a little harder at whatever you do. 💞always. Mrs A the encourager.

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