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His Banner over Us is Love

Oh my soul, do you not know? Have you not heard?

It’s been told from the beginning, the Lord your God is on your side

Oh my soul, don’t be afraid. Hope in the Lord

By his righteousness and power, He will strengthen, He will guide

And I will soar on wings like eagles, held by the hand of God

I will run and not grow tired when on his name I call

For the Lord is never weary, His ways are beyond my thoughts

I will trust in Him with all my heart.

And I will rest upon His promise, patiently I’ll wait…

Like eagles- Don Moen

As I laid on my hospital bed in the middle of the night, in recovery mode after surgery, this song just dropped in my spirit. This was early 2015 and at this point, I was not born again. I was neck deep in sin, guilt and shame. My life was in shambles, I didn’t even know what to expect or have anything to look forward to when I got discharged. But God was trying to tell me something in that very moment, that in all my mess, He still loved me and was there for me. Aaah, do you know how amazing that knowledge was for me at the time?! To know that as far away as I had ran from Him, He still loved me so very much and was gently reminding me of that love in the dark place that I was. I so desperately needed to be loved. I was craving for His kind of love but searching for it in all the wrong places. I had a huge gaping hole in my chest that I wanted to fill but I didn’t know yet that He was the only one who could make me complete, not sex, not alcohol nor any man.

So I downloaded this song there and then on my old deadbeat Nokia phone and put it on repeat throughout the night. It was so soothing and comforting; I slept so soundly. I have never shared this personal experience with anyone, but a few days back, this song dropped into my spirit again and it reminded me of this time of my life, when I was at my lowest. It reminded me that even then, God never left my side so why would He now? It reminded me that nothing could ever separate me from His love, His love so deep and great that envelops me totally.

I have been in very messy situations and come out by His grace and now, it is my deepest desire that any young woman like myself, or younger/older who ever finds themselves in any such situation will come to the realization of His love. I wish so much that you will know just how much He loves you! It is never too late, you are never too far gone, and He loves you just as you are because He is your father and Maker, there is absolutely nothing that can separate you from His wondrous love (Romans 8:38). This is one of my favorite favorite verses in the Bible because it just convinces and reassures me of this special unconditional eternal love my father has for me. Please don’t try to fill that void with temporal love that will leave you back at the bottom or even lower when it has ran its course, come to your Father. He is always there for you!

And remember, I am here for you as well if you ever need some encouragement:

Love always,

Mrs. A.

my burning heart’s desire


I'm a young wife, an encourager and a writer at heart, walking in my purpose and following God's lead. I’ve got a heart as big as my hips and I love reaching out to people who are hurting or suffering in silence. I know everyone goes through something at some point in life and through my writing, I want to make such people know that no matter who they are or what they go through, they can count on me to be there for them. Follow my journey as I share my life experiences in the hope of making you go a little harder at whatever you do. 💞always. Mrs A the encourager.

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