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Day 19: Family

Hello beautiful people!

Featuring in today’s post is my own little family  ❤️

From L-R: lil man in the corner, oldest brother Oris, HusBae, yours truly, my mom and second older brother Emmanuel 

I love this photo because it captures my two families; the one I’ve always had and the new one I had just joined so beautifully.

I have quite a small family but boy was I glad to have a new family made up of just 2 people 🤣 sorry mom. In all honesty, more often than not, family can be somewhat overbearing for a very reserved person like me. I mostly want to be by myself and speak to no one but there’s no such thing when you’re with family. (I’m currently typing this at my mom’s place with everyone here. Just imagine how that’s going).

However, I am thoroughly enjoying myself and having a good laugh as lil man is putting on a show. HusBae also fits right in and could pass for my mom’s son because the two of them are so alike in many ways and when I see them talking, I actually feel like the odd one out lol🙄

Yeah they can be overbearing but they also love the hardest and protect me the most. (Well I shouldn’t expect anything less as I’m the last baby 😇). If I ever doubted their love for me, the last couple of years have proved to me that when everyone leaves, family stays and when everything goes south, family will stick up for you.

Cherish and appreciate your family whilst they’re still around. There’s no point in writing long eulogies when they’re dead and can’t hear them, show them love now that they’re here.

S/O to my extended family as well. Y’all are awesome too! My favorite memory of my family is when the photographer called for the ‘couple with the bride’s family’ shot at our wedding and my entire extended family came up to the altar to stand with us. We almost didn’t fit in the photo because they were so many but that moment was so beautiful and heartwarming for me & it’s etched in my heart forever.

Dear family, I love you all more than you’d ever know.

Love always,

Mrs. A

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I'm a young wife, an encourager and a writer at heart, walking in my purpose and following God's lead. I’ve got a heart as big as my hips and I love reaching out to people who are hurting or suffering in silence. I know everyone goes through something at some point in life and through my writing, I want to make such people know that no matter who they are or what they go through, they can count on me to be there for them. Follow my journey as I share my life experiences in the hope of making you go a little harder at whatever you do. 💞always. Mrs A the encourager.

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