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The Liebster Award



Hello beautiful people!

So I was nominated for the Liebster award by notesfromb

Thanks so much B!

Check out her blog here: Notes from b.

Aims and Objectives Liebster Award:

  • The Liebster Award is a blogger award for new bloggers and those with few followers. It is an amazing way of giving new bloggers an opportunity to gain some recognition and encouragement for their works.

  Rules of the Liebster Award

  • Create a new blog with the graphic of the award thanking the person that nominated you and a link to their blog.
  • Create a set of questions for your nominees to answer.
  • Nominate 10 bloggers and share your blog post with them so they can accept their awards.


Notes from b.’s Questions & my answers:

  • Have you thought about quitting as a blogger and do something else?

Nope! This year, I started being more intentional about blogging. There’s so much I want to do here but so little time so nah, quitting as a blogger hasn’t even crossed my mind.

  • Have you been faced with a stubborn reader that insists you should delete your blog post because he/she doesn’t think it is appropriate?

Not yet! I’m saying not yet because I feel like I may get that once I start to post more ‘raw’ stuff on the blog because you know how some people can be :/

  • If you were to choose between blogging and being paid $1m what would be your choice?

$1m is GH¢4,527,500. Boy that is tempting because I have so many ideas and so much I could do with that money but would I really give up blogging for that amount? Doubt it.

  • What is your most liked blog post that your readers loved?

So after checking my blog stats it seems my readers really enjoyed Friends with Benefits. I really put myself out there with that one and I guess many people could relate.

  • What is your greatest challenge as a blogger?

Not posting enough. The work I’m currently involved in is time consuming and mentally exhausting and y’all know you need a sound mind (which I currently don’t have) to write. At the end of the day, I barely feel like speaking not to talk of content creation/writing. I’m hoping my schedule eases up a bit hopefully next month so I can do more of that.

I hereby nominate the following for the Liebster Award:

The Godly Chic Diaries






  • Have you thought about quitting as a blogger and do something else?
  • Have you thought about quitting what you’re currently doing and blogging full time?
  • Do you ever experience writer’s block and how do you deal with it when you do?
  • When you seem to have no time, how do you make the time to keep blogging?
  • Would you ever quit blogging and what would make you quit?

N/B: This doesn’t mean you guys are new bloggers or have few followers, I’d just love to read your answers!

Love always,

Mrs. A

If you’re currently going through challenging times and you’d like a listening ear, some encouragement or motivation, please contact me here:

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Day 23: Favorite things

Hello beautiful people!

I’m going to do a 21 questions type of thing today since the topic is so broad. Let’s jump right into it, shall we?


  1. Favorite fruit: Pineapple 🍍 I can eat that every day!
  2. Favorite color: Black/Blue, can’t pick one 🤷🏽‍♀️
  3. Favorite TV Show/Series: Grey’s Anatomy (omgggg!! Thinking about it now is making me emo 🙈 I love, love, love that show)
  4. Favorite hobby: Definitely reading. I should start putting up a ‘Do not disturb’ sign when I’m reading cos I don’t like interruptions at all.
  5. Favorite place to relax: The beach 🌊
  6. Favorite pet: Dog lover here 🙋🏽
  7. Favorite time of the day: Dawn, around 4am to be precise. I love how quiet and peaceful it is.
  8. Favorite kind of entertainment: Dancing 💃🏽
  9. Favorite comfort food: Chocolate chip cookies/Chocolate digestives/Chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. Somehow, chocolate makes everything better.
  10. Favorite way to be woken up: Nothing beats waking up to HusBae laying some pipe. Alright, goodnight 👋🏽💤

I hope you enjoyed it! I didn’t want to make this list too long that’s why I stopped at 10 but if you guys have any more questions for me, do let me know and I’d do a part 2. Connect with me here:

Love always,

Mrs. A

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Day 22: Lazy Day Attire

Hello beautiful people!

Always imagine me like this when you read my intro 😁


This is the perfect lazy day dress. Also perfect for that cookout or BBQ if you’re planning your outfit based on how much food you’re going to eat 🤣

My style is usually form fitted, stretchy, bodycon skirts or dresses but I love the freedom this dress comes with. It is so easy to wear and the fabric is quite light, which I love because the heat is real out here.

Pair it with heels to glam it up, sneakers for a  casual look or flip flops to chill at home. Any which way, you’ll look fabulous because it flatters every body type.

If there are any looks you’d like to see me rock, let me know. You can always reach me here:

Love always,

Mrs. A


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Day 16: Fitness

Hello beautiful people!

I would love to do a detailed write up on this but the way my tiredness is set up tonight, I’m just going to ‘post my pic and go’.

For a fitness enthusiast, I have been so totally out of it for such a looong time but my fellow fitness gurus, let me tell you, my heart is still in the game and my comeback is going to be sick now that I have my own in house personal trainer (hey HusBae 😁)

Best fitness tip? Stay consistent. No matter how you look or feel now, consistency is the only thing that can make a real difference in your fitness journey.

Do you have any fitness tips to share? Let me know!

I’m just an email away guys:

Love always,

Mrs. A

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Day 13: Friends

Hello beautiful people!

I was going to flood this blog with so many photos for today’s challenge but unfortunately my laptop charger has given up on me 😩

So, here are just a few.

Hope you enjoy it and do hit me up if you need to talk!


My sisters faheva


Enter a caption

Love always,

Mrs. A

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Day 12: Confession

Hello beautiful people!

So I read something from Heather Lindsey sometime ago which I didn’t immediately agree with but after a recent experience, I decided to give it a try and I was surprised at the results! It was just as she said it would be.

Confession time…

I’m going to tell you guys something I haven’t shared with anyone yet.

Enter a caption


I was really upset with HusBae sometime last week. I was so mad but I didn’t want to tell him why. In fact, I didn’t even want to talk to him at all. (I hope my marriage counselor doesn’t read this 😂)

I was going to the bathroom and I decided to do what Heather talked about: she said when we start developing ill feelings about someone, we should say a prayer for them. I honestly thought that was a bit of a stretch, like why in the world would I pray for someone who is annoying me? 😒

However this is Mr A whom I cherish so much so as wild as it sounded, I went into the bathroom and started to pray for him. I said a nice, long prayer for him and the longer it went on, the better I felt about him. What I was doing was no longer an intentional act to test out a hypothesis, it was now flowing freely from my heart, rather joyfully too. Within a few minutes, all the anger had dissipated and had been replaced with positive emotions. I couldn’t wait to finish and go talk to him.

So yeah it sounds crazy, it sounds like a stretch, it sounds impossible because let’s be honest no one wants to pray for someone they don’t like but I’ve tried this and it works. I’m going to try it on someone who is not as close to me and I can already see how it’s going to go; negative vibes flushed out and replaced with positive vibes only.

So what do you think about this method? Care to give it a try? Well let me know when you do, I’d love to hear about your experiences!

Always here if you need some encouragement or need to talk:

Love always,

Mrs. A

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Day 11: At Work

Hello beautiful people!

Of all the days this challenge could talk about work, it had to be today.

Today that was so horrible that I wished the earth would open up and swallow me or I could just disappear.

Some days are good, some days are great, others are just well, like today.

If you’re wondering what I do, I work in a customer experience department where I have to work with a diverse (VERY diverse) group of customers every day. You’d never know who would be your next customer, whether they’d be nice, calm or irate and I can’t even keep count of the number of people I speak to in a day.


Everyday for me is an opportunity to learn and do better. I actually try to pick up tips from everyone I come into contact with, especially those who have more experience in this field.

My role is quite challenging and can be so extra that it leaves me with little to no energy for anything else at the end of the day (I have classes right after work though 🤦🏽‍♀️). Sometimes I can barely get any words out when I get home. Yes, it’s that hectic and that’s why my recent posts always come in late.

Well, it’s time for me to go unwind after such a long, hard day.

Don’t be too shocked when you see me at the end of the day looking like

It be like that sometimes 

Love always,

Mrs. A


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Day 10: Favorite Book

Hello beautiful people!

Today’s challenge is a hard one because as an avid reader, I simply cannot choose a favorite book. However, I’m going to share with you one of my favorites from Joyce Meyer.

This book literally changed my life and my mindset

I bought this book way back in 2014 and till date, I still find something new in it. Trust me, it doesn’t get old.

I’m sure we’ve all heard about the impact our words have in our lives and the lives of others but this book really opened my eyes to exactly what I had been doing to myself with the kind of things I often said about myself. It has been a long road to recovery; from saying negative things about & to myself, to speaking life and positivity into my life and controlling my mind so that I stay on track with positive vibes only.

Enter a caption

Here are a few of my favorite parts from the book:


Thanks for this great book Joyce Meyer!

This is where I’m at right now:

Enter a caption

What are some of your favorite books to read? Do share them with me.

Love always,

Mrs. A



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DAY 9: Routine

Hello beautiful people!

So this is my current routine during the week:

Exciting times 😐


And this is what I do on weekends when I’m not working:

Number 3 on the right is my fav 😁


Enter a caption


Do you have any pointers for successful adulting? Share with me, please:

Love always,

Mrs. A


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Hello beautiful people!

No makeup for what?

Your fav motivator & encourager

It’s interesting how just about a year ago, I was clueless about makeup and didn’t know what goes where 🤣🙈 but here we are now…

As with everything, practice makes perfect. No matter what you do for a living, keep practicing & keep perfecting it. It always starts off a little slow and shaky but you’ll get there like I’m getting there 😉

I love to hear from you guys, do stop by if you’d like to talk:

Love always,
Mrs. A