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Going through a hard time?

Never would have made it…
Never could have made it without you…

Hello beautiful people!
I woke up yesterday with this song on my heart. Last month was such an emotional roller coaster for me. With stress from work and life in general, news of deaths, experiencing disappointments and having so many uncertainties but still having to keep it together, my emotions were really all over the place.

I would have lost my mind, I would have gave up but you were right there…
Have you ever gone through anything that made you feel as if you were going to lose your mind?
I felt that way several times last month. There was so much unrest in my mind. My sanity was at stake and so many times I would say, “I don’t know how I’m still doing this.”

Now here comes my favourite line of the song and I listen to this song a lot, but yesterday this part really stood out to me:
I would have lost it all but now I see how you were there for me…
This part really touched me!
Can we be honest here for a minute believers? How many of us feel like we’re all by ourselves when we’re going through a really rough time? I’m talking about a very tight situation which looks really hopeless. How many of us feel like God is silent through our tests? I know I do.
I can praise, I can worship, I can pray and even though I know I haven’t been forsaken, I still feel like I’m doing it alone.
But oh, once I get through that storm, that’s when I have the “now I see” moment.

Ha! I feel like doing a little dance here.

Now I see how you were there for me: That was how I was still doing it! When I wondered how I was still sane, how I could still smile, how I could still get work done, it was simply because He was there for me the whole time.
This brings tears to my eyes because if I was running on my own strength, I would have messed up big time. I would have lost it all. I would have been telling a different story today.
I guess sometimes we expect fireworks and big bangs to know He is with us but I’ve learned that in the midst of all the chaos, confusion and what appears to be silence on His part, He is right there with us.
When I look back over what He brought me through, I realise I made it because I had you to hold on to…
Honestly, when I look back at the situation I’ve just gone through, I can say for a fact that I didn’t do that on my own. There were many times when I felt so weak, when I felt like I couldn’t get through another day but the day would come and I’ll make it through. How? Because I had Him to hold on to.
I’m sharing this today because I know there’s someone somewhere going through a similar situation. I know there’s someone who has been waiting for something for so long that it’s beginning to look impossible. I know that you’re probably at your breaking point and you don’t want to hear another “just stay strong” sermon so I just want to assure you that:
1.You’re not alone. No matter how your situation looks or how you feel, you are not alone. You have me, someone who has been there and totally understands but more importantly, you have God who will never leave nor forsake you. If you can’t talk to anyone, talk or write to Him. (I express myself better in writing so when my words fail me, I write to God)
2.This too shall pass. No matter how long it seems to be taking, even though it looks like for you alone there’s no light at the end of the tunnel, the truth is that there is. Even though it looks like it has been stormy forever, the sun will come out. There has never been a day without the night, neither has it ever been nighttime for 24 hours. It will pass for you to look back thank God that you made it. I pray that when it passes, you too will encourage someone going through the same thing.

Love always,

Mrs A.

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Happy New Year!

Hello beautiful people!

I’m a little late to the party but Happy New Year to you all!


As the year begins, I want you to ask yourself this simple question: “What is my why?”
Let this question guide your every move this year.

•Why do you have that dream in your heart?
•Why do you want to achieve those goals?
•Why do you want a lifestyle change?
•Why do you want to do the things that you want to do?

Your why is the very thing that motivates you to get up every morning and work a little harder to get a little better.

Knowing your “why” will help you stay committed to your dream.

Sometimes we are too focused on letting other people co-sign our dream, the dream that has been put in our hearts that we drag our feet on chasing it because the people we expect to support us are not being supportive. I’ll tell you one thing, most of your biggest fans/supporters would be people you don’t know personally.

In 2018, I pray we all chase our dreams relentlessly even if no one else believes in it.

Love always,

Mrs. A

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Leave the Side Chics Alone!

Yup, you heard me and no I’m not a side chic. I’ve never been one before.

Hello beautiful people!

Question of the day: If your spouse cheats on you, who do you blame? Do you blame yourself, your spouse or the person they cheated with?

I have noticed a rather disturbing trend where some wives move heaven and hell to confront, beat up and even in some cases, hurt the side chic (because their husbands were innocent men who were hunted down by the side chics 🙄).

Let’s discuss this real quick.

So my husband came to see my family, asked for my hand in marriage and we proceeded to plan our marriage ceremony. In front of our families and friends, we got married and promised to stay together till one of us dies. Now I don’t see how, if for some absurd reason my husband decides to cheat, I will leave him be and go confront the lady he cheated with.

how sway

I have been trying really hard to understand the rationale behind women attacking side chics (physically and/or verbally) and I just don’t get it. I have heard so many different explanations and none of them makes sense to me.

If there’s a reason why you think women should do this or if you’ve done this before, kindly share with us in the comments section.

The most surprising reason that I’ve heard so far is that women have to speak to the side chic to make them understand that they need to respect their fellow sister’s union and stay clear off their man.


When did all of us women become such a close knit, loving sisterhood? Let’s be honest. I’m all for unity among women and women supporting one another but unfortunately no matter how hard we’re all trying, we are not really there yet.

I did an opinion poll and 98% of the people I spoke to responded that they would hold their partners responsible for stepping out on them, not the side piece.

The remaining 2% said if their spouse cheated, they would first examine themselves and try to find out if there was something they were doing wrong or not doing right. I was actually impressed because that line of thought is quite different from the norm.

What do you think about this? Kindly share your thoughts in the comments.

Dear wives, you are in the marriage with your husband, not any side chic. Your husband is accountable to you just as you are to him. It seems a lot of wives forget to hold their husbands responsible for their actions and tend to blame others instead. Instead of rushing off to engage the side chic, please speak with your husband first. Let him explain himself, let him explain to you why he broke his vows. It is not okay for your husband to cheat on you and it is certainly not okay for you to be fighting off side chics.

Side chics owe you no allegiance, your husband does. They do not have to consider your feelings or be concerned that they’re breaking up your beautiful family, your husband has to.

What do you think guys? Do leave a comment and let’s have a discussion. I would love to read your thoughts and views on this topic!

Love always,

Mrs A.

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Protect your energy

Hello beautiful people!
As the month brings itself to an end, I’ve spent a lot of time doing some reflections. I like to do this monthly, to kind of assess myself to see if I’m on the right track and also to refocus if I realize I’m slipping up somewhere. I have been able to outline the things I should be doing (and doing more of), what I should be focusing my energy on and what I should not be engaging in.
I believe every individual is on a mission on this earth however there are some people who are unnecessary distractions from the purpose for which we are here. Sometimes, it is the seemingly nice and unsuspecting people who are the culprits. They may or may not know that they are distracting you from your purpose but it is up to you to distinguish between who is right for you and who is not. You may be a lover of people like me but unfortunately, not everyone can go with us on this journey we are on.

Last month, I met with a few of my sister friends over pizza (our fav) and at a point, we started talking about our goals, visions and dreams. We are all currently engaged in very different things but even with the diversity, I find our ability to support, motivate and encourage one another so, so beautiful. In that moment, I was really excited for our future, I felt so much at peace and I knew that I indeed have the best of friends. We may not always meet up or talk as we all have such busy lives now but whenever we do, we just pick it up from where we left off.
You have to be able to critically examine yourself and the people in your life; check who is adding value and worth to your life, and who is not. Check who is cheering you on and who is draining your energy.

pastedImageCan I talk about human leeches for a minute?
Have you ever come across someone who seems to take so much from you but doesn’t give you that much in return?
Take, take, take it all, but you never give’Bruno Mars, Grenade.
This person could be taking your time, money, joy, peace or even your energy. You know, the kind of people who leave you drained after speaking to them and no, I’m not referring to people who come and confide in you concerning a particular challenge. I’m talking about those who always seem to have numerous problems that they like to dump on you regardless of how you may be feeling at the given time. They are always feeling blue and the clouds are always dark in their lives. (I’m sure you’re thinking of someone now)
Please understand that as much as You are not for everybody, not everyone is for you. The more you adopt your true self, the more likeminded people you’ll draw toward you and in the same way, the people who don’t fit will be expelled from your life. Always remember that not everyone can go on this wonderful, crazy life journey that you’re on so don’t hold on to dead weight.

Protect your energy and be sure to do what’s best for you, even if no one understands that.


Love always,

Mrs. A!

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Day 20: Life of a wife

Hello beautiful people!

So I don’t think anyone is ever fully prepared to be a wife. You may go through pre-marital counseling, hear all the model stories to motivate you and read countless books but there’s nothing like actually living the married life and putting whatever you’ve read or heard into practice.

More often than not, we hear and see a never ending list of things wives are supposed to do to ‘keep’ their husbands but I love the saying that goes like “you can’t keep someone who doesn’t want to be kept“. I know many women who feel overwhelmed by this seemingly impossible list of ways to please the hubby without seeing an equivalent of it for the men but another story for another day.

Before we got married, my hubs and I had reached an understanding that marriage is not 50/50 like some people say, it is 100/100: both parties giving their all, so each person has to focus on putting in enough effort to give their partner 100%.

As a wife, Mr A is my topmost priority. I have the task of making sure that he is okay in every aspect of his life and where he’s not, I have to support, encourage and root for him so that he gets there. I can’t be okay when he’s not.

Besides everything, the most valuable thing I can ever offer him is my prayers.

One of the best wedding gifts I received 

This is an amazing book that helped me in the first few months of marriage when I was still trying to find my feet. It gives you such realistic and meaningful prayers to say over every area of your husband’s life. It is centered on how he can be the best version of himself as a husband, father and an individual so don’t let the title put you off from grabbing a copy! It is actually meant to make him a better hubby to you😉 (Who doesn’t want this?!)

Prayer is such a priceless yet affordable gift you can give to your husband at all times. Please do it frequently. Everyday is an opportunity to learn how to be a better wife to him and a better individual generally.

Most important thing I’ve learned as a wife?

Our marriage is between us two only, no one else has a say and even if they do, their opinions shouldn’t be binding on us.   

My life as his wife is a wonderful yet challenging experience and my heart is at peace knowing that he’s the one I agreed to be with for life!

Share with me some of your experiences and lessons you’ve learnt as a wife. I would love to hear them.

Always here if you need to talk:

Love always,

Mrs. A

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Day 17: Couple Goals

Hello beautiful people!

This term ‘couple goals’ has been the in thing for some time now. It seems every couple that goes viral on the internet is ‘goals’ and this leads to severe disappointment when said couple breaks up (been there 😒).

After a certain popular YouTube couple had a very messy breakup, I was jolted back to reality; these people are regular human beings just like you and I. They are not super-humans and what we see on the internet is just a fraction of their lives that they choose to show us. Nobody’s relationship is as perfect as it looks on camera.

I think everyone should strive to be ‘couple goals’. Sometimes, we focus so much on other people’s lives that we tend to overlook ours. In paying so much attention to another person’s relationship/marriage, we lose sight of how unique and special ours is and start wishing to be in the other couples’ shoes. (Please don’t be that person)

Your relationship/marriage is really what you make it, no one is going to make it fun and exciting for you. Yeah it’s cool to admire other couples but don’t be so hung up on them. If there’s something they’re doing that’s you like, try to adopt and modify it to suit your relationship/marriage. Please don’t go blaming your partner for not being as ‘cool’ as the YouTube couple you’ve been watching, introduce whatever new idea you’ve got to your partner with love.

Always remember that your marriage/relationship can be whatever you want it to be. It’s up to you really, and you too can be ‘goals’.

Always here if you need to talk:

Love always,

Mrs. A

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Day 15: Cannot live without

Hello beautiful people!

Today I’m going to list 3 things off the top of my head that I definitely can not live without.

  1. My Phone! At this moment, I most certainly can’t live without my phone because I do basically everything with it. Taking my phone from me would be like taking a little part of me away, seriously.
  2. Makeup! With how extra my skin is being right now with all the hyper-pigmentation and dark circles under my eyes I literally cannot live without my concealer. Plus my t-zone can produce oil for daayyyssss so what would I do without my setting powder?
  3. The internet- what is life without the internet? As a meme lover, I’m constantly on the lookout for a new meme and I google everything, e-v-e-r-y-t–h-i-n-g! Yup I’m that person who tells you to google something you don’t know when you ask me about it (no shame here😏) because some people think their smartphones are only used for Instagram and WhatsApp (catch your sub boo😜) when you can actually find everything on Google. I mean, just google something right now.

So there, these are the 3 things that readily came to Mr A’s mind when I asked him what he thought I couldn’t live without. Yup, HusBae came up with this list and I readily agreed with each one of them. I was actually surprised they were so spot on. High five babe ✋🏾✋🏾

Share with me the things you cannot live without, I’d love to read!

Hit me up if you’d like to chat:

Love always,

Mrs. A

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Day 14: Made you Smile today

Hello beautiful people!

I’m so excited to bring you today’s post which was so beautifully written by one of my dearest sister-friends, Ama Kokuenua Nunoo. I was so touched by this and I believe you will be blessed too.


” No! No! NO! You kept telling yourself each time. Is it that you are not beautiful? Do you feel inadequate? Why do you allow yourself to sink so low when you know you are better than this! You are SMART, BEAUTIFUL, CARING, LOVING, NURTURING, EMPATHETIC and GOD FEARING. FAMILY means the world to you, because they got you 100%. Oh yes, you feel like strangling them once in a while, with the constant teasing, bossiness, and somewhat too much interest in what you do. BUT you know it is because they LOVE you.

So why, why do you allow normal desires of the flesh and wishful thinking steal your joy? Tell me why? You know you are capable of everything you set your mind to not because you hear it all the time or have read it elsewhere because you are a product of that saying. You ventured into a territory you knew little about, almost run away in the beginning, doubted your intelligence and your abilities, now see, see how you shine, in the brightest way possible with a grateful heart towards your maker, because without HIM you will not have survived a day in this journey.
Some relationships have been severed because not everyone buys into your vision. Your growth is scary. So they try to knock you down, or discourage you or make you feel guilty about your little strides, and sometimes they get you! You do feel sorry for your progress or sometimes wonder if you have done things differently to have them with you, but my dear beautiful, intelligent, strong young woman, listen you owe no one an explanation for your progress.

It does get lonely, really lonely sometimes, but deep down you know, that you are fine, that you will be fine. You were used to the attention but my dear, it was all for the wrong reasons. They were no good for you. You made some mistakes, and let some amazing people walk out of your life, it’s alright you know. At least you realise your mistake and it is a lesson well learnt. How can you forget the amazing friendships that have helped you through some of the toughest days. The little ANGELS God handpicked for you. The love you have for them is beyond description and their support means the world to you.

Sweetheart, just be mindful of yourself, don’t lose your humanity, give back to society and be grateful to God always for your journey. ”

Go ahead girl, there is nothing you can’t do!


Wow Ama! This really spoke to me and it more than made me smile. Thank you so much for blessing us with this meaningful piece. God bless your kind heart always. Love you sis!😘❤️

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Love always,

Mrs. A

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Day 12: Confession

Hello beautiful people!

So I read something from Heather Lindsey sometime ago which I didn’t immediately agree with but after a recent experience, I decided to give it a try and I was surprised at the results! It was just as she said it would be.

Confession time…

I’m going to tell you guys something I haven’t shared with anyone yet.

Enter a caption


I was really upset with HusBae sometime last week. I was so mad but I didn’t want to tell him why. In fact, I didn’t even want to talk to him at all. (I hope my marriage counselor doesn’t read this 😂)

I was going to the bathroom and I decided to do what Heather talked about: she said when we start developing ill feelings about someone, we should say a prayer for them. I honestly thought that was a bit of a stretch, like why in the world would I pray for someone who is annoying me? 😒

However this is Mr A whom I cherish so much so as wild as it sounded, I went into the bathroom and started to pray for him. I said a nice, long prayer for him and the longer it went on, the better I felt about him. What I was doing was no longer an intentional act to test out a hypothesis, it was now flowing freely from my heart, rather joyfully too. Within a few minutes, all the anger had dissipated and had been replaced with positive emotions. I couldn’t wait to finish and go talk to him.

So yeah it sounds crazy, it sounds like a stretch, it sounds impossible because let’s be honest no one wants to pray for someone they don’t like but I’ve tried this and it works. I’m going to try it on someone who is not as close to me and I can already see how it’s going to go; negative vibes flushed out and replaced with positive vibes only.

So what do you think about this method? Care to give it a try? Well let me know when you do, I’d love to hear about your experiences!

Always here if you need some encouragement or need to talk:

Love always,

Mrs. A

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Day 11: At Work

Hello beautiful people!

Of all the days this challenge could talk about work, it had to be today.

Today that was so horrible that I wished the earth would open up and swallow me or I could just disappear.

Some days are good, some days are great, others are just well, like today.

If you’re wondering what I do, I work in a customer experience department where I have to work with a diverse (VERY diverse) group of customers every day. You’d never know who would be your next customer, whether they’d be nice, calm or irate and I can’t even keep count of the number of people I speak to in a day.


Everyday for me is an opportunity to learn and do better. I actually try to pick up tips from everyone I come into contact with, especially those who have more experience in this field.

My role is quite challenging and can be so extra that it leaves me with little to no energy for anything else at the end of the day (I have classes right after work though 🤦🏽‍♀️). Sometimes I can barely get any words out when I get home. Yes, it’s that hectic and that’s why my recent posts always come in late.

Well, it’s time for me to go unwind after such a long, hard day.

Don’t be too shocked when you see me at the end of the day looking like

It be like that sometimes 

Love always,

Mrs. A